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FFX Tidus Necklace Special Edition

FFX Tidus Necklace Special Edition

Final Fantasy 10 / X Tidus Necklace, special edition. Material is also reinforced to a stronger material and is much more shapely.

This is our best looking Tidus necklace that we carry in our inventory.

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The shipping on the necklace was fast and easy. It came in great condition inside a FFX gift box. I am greatly satisfied with the necklace. This is definately a must have for any Final Fantasy fans out there! Highly recommended.
Dylan Knight rated
this is very good for people who love final fantasy. it kinda makes you feel like the main character(just my opinion).
josh bowman rated
First off, this is a must- have for all FF fans! The necklace is beautifully made and has the Final Fantasy "feeling". When you play a game like FFX, you will probably spend a lot of time doing it. That way, after a while, you get a relationship to the characters and the story, and items like the Tidus necklace gets a meaning to those who play and love the FFX game. In a way the Tidus necklace is an icon that represents your memories about this excellent game, and thus making it a special thing to have.
Christopher Antonsen rated
I just received this product today and I am very satisfied with it. The pendant is a very nice quality and a beautiful shape. The picture presented does not do this necklace justice. A definite must have for any Tidus/FFX fans or anyone who loves the look of the pendant.
Andrew Dahmer rated
When I got this I was so happy it came so soon! The pendant is beautiful and the shape, thinkness, everything about it is wonderful. I advise all final fantasy lovers to get this necklace.
Kylie Smith rated
the necklace arrived in EXACTLY 2 weeks. the words of this website are reassuring and promising excellent costumer service! the necklace is a very important object to all FFX fans out there and i highly recommend this item to the fans. its like a memory of the game when u finished it. this is definitely not the last time i will shop here! worth every cent
Gary Lobine rated
I truly loved this necklace. I got it about two weeks after I ordered the necklace and it came in perfect condition. I love the way the necklace looks and it is definatly something an FFX fan must have. This necklace is worth getting even if you do not like or know FFX. I just want to add my thanks to everyone here at myimportstore for making this kind of jewelery. And thanks to the fact they do what they say they will do.
Dustin Hardin rated
This necklace is amazing I wear it everyday. This is a great necklace for any person who likes Tidus or Final Fantasy. I'm hoping someday this necklace will be made in Sterling Silver because I'd buy it.
Jon Hughes rated
It's a nice looking necklace but not worth the cost. This is the best looking Tidus necklace that I could find, I just wish it was sterling silver, smoother and better designed because its rough so don't expect comfort. Also the color is not as bright silverish as the picture. The size of the pendant is perfect and the shipping was very fast. Overall its OK.
Patrick rated
Bought this necklace for my boyfriend twice. He loved it, but both times the loop of the pendant broke because of the softness of the metal lead and steel alloy. He wasn't rough with it when he wore it so it's just a lapse in quality of the actual product. I would be willing to pay more for it if it was made of sterling.
Beatrice rated
I love this thing! I've bought this three times because someone (usually some girl) was pulling on it too hard and broke. But I don't mind; While I agree that it's easy to break and it should be shinier, this is the most accurate replica I've seen of it. Currently out of stock, GET MORE PLEASE! Thank you
Nick rated