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FFVIII Squalls Necklace II Special Edition

FFVIII Squalls Necklace II Special Edition

Final Fantasy 8 Griever Squall's necklace, shiny looking surface. Best quality chain and pendant.

Our special edition griever necklace has a slightly greyer finish and is made from a thicker composition of metal than our normal necklaces.

This is the nicest Squall's Griever necklace that we carry to date, and is an all time best seller for over 10 years.

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I have recently purchased one of these necklaces. I very much like the quality of craftsmanship that was used in making it. I will continue to visit this store to find other related items and to see what new products are being made.
Mark rated
I am happy to say the quality of this necklace is very good an recomend this product to anyone who is a FF fan. Apart from that it looks very nice to it was exactly what I wanted. And the fast delivery is another source of happiness it took 4 working days to arrive to me even though i didnt choose express shipment. I will definetly make more than one visit to this store.
Fredrik rated
Excellent, speedy delivery and friendly, courteous service. The quality of both the chain and the pendant is wonderful! Definately shopping here again!
Chan Kaylore rated
High quality, no damage whatsoever to item or packaging. Time of delivery same as stated. Already purchased from this website again, now waiting for that to arrive.
Herm Holland rated
I have just gotten this necklace and I have to say that I am loving every second of it. It is exactly what I wanted and I have no problems with it. The time is just as it said, no later but possible that it could come sooner from what I have heard. I have also already gotten a comment from a girl I know that likes Final Fantasy. She said I looked HOT with the necklace and other comments from more people saying that the necklace looks cool even though they dont know anything about Final Fantasy.
Sebastian Tobon rated
The only problem I have with this product is the chain it self. When the neclace was shipped to me, I wore it everyday. As time passed, it became apparent that the chain was not made from a silver, iron, or steel, rather a copper that was painted silver, as the silver paint had wore off, and the copper started to stain my skin and clothes. Shortly after, the chain clasp broke, and i had to buy a new chain. So, aside from problems with the chain, the pendant is virtually perfect, just get a new chain for it if you intend to wear it.
Stephen rated
It came in exactly 2 weeks so i was happy...i wish the pendant was a bit bigger but its still nice.Im definitly buying again!!
Ariel rated
I got the pendant nearly two weeks sooner than I expected it, so it surprised me very much - in a good way:) The pendant itself is great and it looks really cool. Will buy from this shop next time for sure.
iLorbb rated
awsome necklace but i wish the pendant was a little bigger...
Meep rated
I recieved the necklace in the right amonut of time, and it came perfect. the only problem was that after 1 week of daily wearing, the silver on the back of the chain started to wear off, exposing a coper color underneeth.
David rated
I chose this as a gift for a best friend who loves FFVIII. When she opened the package while on the phone together, she was squealing and laughing. Extremely excited to have something to wear that was so beautiful and perfect to remind her of me when she goes into the Navy. Thank you!
Amanda rated
oscar rated
A great buy. It looks almost exactly like Squalls. The pendant itself is identical, but the chain is slightly off. In the game, Squall's chain has the neck-loop attached to a short segment of chain, which is in turn attached to the pendant. This product only has the neck-loop attached to the pendant. But this is by no means enough for me to have disqualified it from being purchased. It was the pendant itself I was interested in and that's just great. I highly recommend this to any hardcore or even a regular Final Fantasy VIII or Squall fan.
Brian rated
Bottom point was ever so slightly bent, and the mould lines were a touch visible, but other than that, great.
CBull rated
well. it took foreVEr for me 2 recieve, but i think it was worth it!! reading above, about the chain, scares me lol since i just got it but yea. the bottom was slightly bent, and theres a few scratches, but the sleeping lion heart on the back makes up for it.
Roldan rated
I have just received my necklace yesterday, after only about a week and a half of waiting. Though the pendant was smaller than I was first expecting, I'm actually happy regarding teh size since I was a bit afraid it would be big and look awkward to wear as I had a chain that was game-accurate to an extent. aside from one tiny scratch on the face and the bottom being bent (harly noticable unless you look for it, as mentioned in other reviews), I am very happy with this product. :)
Mike Wong rated
Quality of this pendent itself is excellent 5/5. However the chain was of poor quality and began to fade after only two days of wear which probably means that its just a copper chain sprayed silver. I'll need to get a new chain for it now but the Sleeping Lionheart quote on the back of the pendent more than makes up for it
Rik rated
Like the review above me, Quality of the pendant is perfect, but the chain after a week started showing wear and showing a copper color meaning is simply chain sprayed silver, i will get a new chain, lovely Sleeping Lionheart on the back
Mike rated
Fantastic, I love the pendant so much. I wear it all the time, never take it off. It means so much to me. The only problem is that on the chain, it's starting to wear (two months now), and the copper on the inside is starting to show. Other than that, it's great!
Peter rated