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FF8 Rinoa Necklace Sterling Silver

FF8 Rinoa Necklace Sterling Silver

Comes with 1 x Sterling Silver Ring, 1 x Squall's Ring I (Sterling Silver).

Squall Ring I (Sterling Silver): Diameter: 0.72" (US Size 8)
Sterling Silver Small Ring : Diameter: 0.65" (US Size 6.5)
Chain (Stainless Steel): 25"

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Very quick delivery. Both rings in fantastic condition. Rinoa ring has scratches on the inside but not too deep. Generic necklace to hold rings. Very satisfied.
Kyle Thomas rated
:( My ex-fiance bought me this set when we first started dating almost 3 years ago. :( Now our relationship was slaughtered. I miss him. And I hate these rings for the memories... Thanks a lot
Allie rated
First I want to thank the team for the beautiful rings (Rinoa sterling silver necklace set). It just so happens that the rings fit my fingers but that is just a coincidence. In the review prior to this, Kyle mentions that his ring has a few minor scratches inside. I checked my rings and noticed the same thing but I really had to look for them. I don't mean to belittle Kyle's review but it's not like a pop up book when the scratches are going to wave at people passing by. I think it is unrealistic to have something come absolutely scratch free. In my opinion the team did a wonderful job! I would also like to point something out about deliveries. Once the team sends the items out, it's pretty much out of their hands as far as delivery time. Yes they can track items but you have to consider that your items will be handled by at least 2 different postal services if you are outside of Singapore. I live in Southern Florida (USA) and I placed my order on the 18th of December. I received my item today (January 2nd, 2010). There was the Christmas Holiday, 1 Sunday (after it was actually sent out), and New Year Day. The service overall was awesome and this is with great appreciation that I say Thank You team My Import Store FOOOOoooOoOo lol!
Anastasia A. Jackson rated
Very satisfied. Delivered 4 days after ordering. Both rings in excellent condition along with a very nice looking necklace. 5/5
F C rated
Although i have not recieved mine yet (placed my order bout 2weeks ago) i have seen one up close before at one of those E3 things (not the same as this one) and decided i was gonna have one, one day when i could be asked to. i cant wait to get it. all these great reviews made me want to get it more :)
J rated
I was very pleased with the service of the My import store team for helping me locate my order. i have no problems with the rings, awsome condition and just looks brilliant on the chain. This was perfect for me as i don't like wearing rings on my fingers. Only problems i had was not about the ring or the service on this site, but was how long it took Royal mail UK to deliver my parcel from london down 2 hours to my place. A MONTH!!! haha... But all in all wonderful service. Thank you my import store team. And special thanks to Cassandra and Lishi x x x.
JW rated
Wonderful set of rings, brilliant condition not a scratch. Great customer service. i will definatly purchase other items from here in the future. I would like to thank thank the "My import store" team for such wonderful service. and i would like to give a special thanks to Cassandra & Lishi for all the help they gave me.
JW rated