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FF7 Vincent Dirge Necklace Regular

FF7 Vincent Dirge Necklace Regular

This is a Final Fantasy VII / 7 Vincent Valentine's Necklace. This is one of the products from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children.

Also known as the Dirge of Cerberus Necklace, the Cerberus emblem is attached to Vincent's Demon Gun.

Please note that this batch of Dirge Necklaces comes with a hook, instead of the tie end.

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Vincent Dirge of Cerberus Necklace

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I must say this is an AWSOME PIECE.An I really like it.
Jesse rated
This is a great piece of jewellery, really well made and its something unusual which is always a good thing. The neck strap is a nice length and its got a nice weight to it. Its a must have for any fan of final fantasy.
Tommy G rated
this necklace is really an awesome piece! i really love it...worth buying it
alph rated
The only problem i had was the fact that my strap was not a hook nor a strap so i could not wear it. luckily i have a nice selection of chains to compensate. pendant looks awsome too
Biggs rated